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June Theme of the Month

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

June Theme of the Month 

SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties Marketing Theme of the Month is focused on all of the technology we use throughout the process of a job going through our system.

All aspects of our process are:

Cloud Based

App Driven

Being app and cloud based, it makes several aspects of our job easier. All jobs are electronically tracked to ensure accurate record of work and billing can be verified. All is also signed on iPhones or iPads, and is instantly sent to our customer's emails. Data is uploaded in real time from each job, so everyone can know exactly what is going on in the mitigation process. Even our Marketing Department is digital. Notes are accessible about clients, jobs, and referral at the office, or while our representatives are on the road.

What causes mold growth?

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

When you find water in your home, no matter situation, it is a terrible feeling and not a fun process to go through. When you’re in this situation, often people try to take care of the problems themselves. When considering this, think about something else water could cause if the damage is taken care of in a professional manner: MOLD.

There are a lot of types of mold out there, and no one likes finding them. One of SERVPRO’s most common calls is from a business owner or homeowner that has discovered suspect mold in their home, and would like to know what it is.  

The category of mold that most people are familiar with is black mold. It can grow in many places. It is most often found in warm, dark, damp places. This could be in an attic, basement, bathroom or more. While you may not have ever experienced any water damage or leaks, only the moisture from the Earth can cause enough water for the spores to start growing. Mold begins growing within 72 hours of the water contact, so it is important to check your home regularly to catch any signs early. 

May Theme of the Month

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

May Theme of the Month:

During the month of May, SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties is focusing on what we deal with most often: Water.

Even most fire jobs also include some type of water cleanup. Typically, when a fire happens, fire fighters spray water on the flames, which causes water damage to happen on top of the fire and soot.

If these water issues are not professionally taken care of, they can cause mold to begin growth

When water issues are detected, it typically takes 3-5 continuous days to dry out the space

Tips to Avoid Water Losses:

  • Regularly replace refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher hoses
  • Look under these appliances often for signs of a slow leak
  • Regularly check your basement for water leaks
  • Look for random water usage spikes on your bill
  • Make sure downspouts are directed away from your home or business

9 Things To Do When Moving

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Now that it is warming up, it’s the time of year many people are buying and selling real estate. Below are 9 of the top moving tips:

  1. Change the locks: Over the years, most home owners at one time will have had to give a key out to a neighbor or friend. Putting in new locks is the easiest way there are not keys floating around to your home!
  2. Change the alarm batteries: This ensures you know exactly how long the batteries have been used and you know exactly when to change them again.
  3. Review your home inspector’s report: Reviewing the paperwork will alert you of potential problems you might want to take care of before completely moving in, or filing the papers away.
  4. Find your circuit breaker: Find it when you first move it, so you are never trying to locate it in the dark.
  5. Deal with any water problems: Water issues can quickly evolve into mold problems. Taking care of them early ensures you do not have to deal with this later!
  6. Caulk everything: If you notice areas that could use caulking again, do it before you unpack. It is much easier this way!
  7. Plan your emergency exits: Doing this early ensures you do not put any furniture in the way if you ever needed to get out fast.
  8. Clean your gutters: While this dull task doesn’t take long, it is great to occasionally do, so you do not experience any issues with it later.
  9. Get your carpets cleaned: The easiest, cheapest and best way to clean carpets are if the rooms are completely empty. If you have time before the big move, you can schedule a cleaning ahead and have them clean and dry before you and your items arrive at the home!

April Theme of the Month

4/2/2019 (Permalink)

April Theme of the Month:

Throughout the month of April, SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties is focusing on promoting ALL of our services, and how we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to your home!

While most people recognize us by our green trucks and think “oh, that is the water damage company”, we are much more than that. While that is the most common type of loss we do, we offer many other services. Some of these include:

-Fire/Smoke Remediation

-Tarping and Board up

-Rebuild and Reconstruction

-Carpet Cleaning

Sewage Cleanup

-Mold Remediation

Even though these are drastically different services, we are all ONE BRAND! This month, our representatives are handing out 3-in-1 desk cleaning tools to remind out clients that we are a one-stop-shop in all aspects. We can handle your claim or job from the beginning to the end!

Removing Smoke Smell from a Vehicle

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

One thing that SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties can take care of is deodorizing items or things. We had an employee who had purchased a used car. After a couple of weeks, the “new car smell” wore off, and a smoke smell appeared. Being allergic to the smell of cigarette smoke, she was concerned about being in the car.

We used our ozone machine to help her deodorizer. Within a few hours, the smoke smell was completely out of her car, replaced by a neutral smell. A few weeks later, the car was back to smelling like normal. A year later, the smoke smell is still gone, and the employee has still had no issues with her allergies.

Many times, people are unaware of what all SERVPRO can do inhouse. If you ever have a question about if we can do something or not, give us a call at 270-659-0067 and we can have our team take a look at it!

March Theme of the Month

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

March Theme of the Month:

This month SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties is focused on educating the public on how we SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY. We are committed to being onsite as quickly as possible when a call comes in to ensure we prevent as much damage as possible. This, in turn, can save the home owner or insurance company a lot of money.

Our goal is to dry your home or business before ripping anything out. Being able to do this not only saves money, but the headache of trying to put your home back together after a loss.

To remind our clients and contacts of how we are trying to SAVE time and money, our representatives are giving out Lifesavers this month!

Car Detailing and Deodorizing

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Car Detailing and Deodorizing Before & After

Did you know that SERVPRO of Allen, Barren, Hart, Green and Taylor Counties can also help with cleaning your vehicle?

We had an employee purchase a new vehicle, and after a few days, noticed it was starting to smell like smoke. This was an issue because of her being allergic to the smell. Within a few hours we had mitigated the smell, and it was completely gone. Months later, the smell has yet to come back.

We also worked on a brand-new truck where a fire extinguisher had gone off in the backseat, covering it with white powder. Overwhelmed, the owner called us for advice. We were able to get the truck completely clean and back to him within a couple of days.

We have also cleaned out two police cruisers where blood was in the floor and on the seats.

While this is not typically something you think about SERVPRO being able to take care of, remember us if you (unfortunately) have any large messes in your vehicles!

Is it important to sleep with your doors closed at night?

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Is it important to sleep with your doors closed at night? Photos taken from the link below

One of the things that most parents want is to be able to hear their children during the night. While this is important, it is also important to think in terms if there is a fire during the night. Cold Springs Harbor Fire Department in New York recently posted some photos of two doors that had been through a fire: one was completely charred, the other was only burned around the edges. The charred door was open during a house fire, while the one that was almost perfect was closed the entire time.

While you might not think that closing doors can do very much, looking at this example, you can see how much it slowed down the path of the fire. Even if it bought you just a few minutes, that can be the difference between getting out unharmed or suffering from burns.

February Theme of the Month

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

February Theme of the Month: 

With February statistically being the coldest month of the year, it is also typically one of our busiest months of the year.  

Knowing this ahead of time, this is the month of the year we want to focus on prevention. If you are a home or business owner, “winterizing” your properties ahead of time can prevent a lot of damage.

Our Marketing Representatives are giving out hand warmers this month to remind our contacts to not only prevent building damage, but to also prevent damage to themselves. Just like our January theme, SERVPRO wants to be there when you need them. This includes being there when you are spending time outdoors prepping your properties from the cold. Hand warmers are something you might not have on hand, but having one will make your outdoor tasks a breeze!

Another part of our theme for this month is the fact it’s the month of love. We want our relationship to be “NICE AND WARM” our insurance agents, contacts, customers, adjusters, and community.